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28 Mayıs 2018 | Press Release

World Liver Transplantation Congress ILTS 2018

20th ILTS Annual Congress was organized on 23-26th May in Portugal’s capital Lisbon. 1200 professionals from 40 countries participated in the congress, there were 50 people representing Turkey. 

Main topic of the congress was the pioneer developments on liver transplant.The participants shared their ideas on the liver transplants for colon cancers and new, untested transplants for the new cancer types such as cholangiocarcinoma. In addition, the question if liver transplant can be performed for metastatic tumors was also discussed. New medicines and treatment alternatives were the other topics of the sessions. 

Besides all these developments, participants talked how the success rate of the liver transplants can be increased. Pushing the limits on liver transplants was the other topic of the sessions, professionals shared their ideas on being more profitable for the patients. 

Turkey is one of the most successful countries on living donor liver transplants and sharing this success with Korea and India. Accordingly, it was one of the prominent countries In the 2018 ILTS Annual Congress. Turkish delegation decided to hold a meeting in Turkey and discuss how to make contributions to the decisions made in Lisbon. Thanks to the Turkish management groups and health professionals’ efforts, it was decided Turkey will host the Liver Transplant Congress in 2020. 

In the congress, Turkey’s help to developing and neighboring countries’ transplant centers was appreciated. International Transplant Network ITN’s booth visitors delivered their eagerness to have information and training on liver transplant. In addition, in the bilateral meetings, health professionals expressed their requests to participate in 1st International Transplant Network Congress on 17-21th October in Antalya, thus the huge demand for the congress has been emerged.

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