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18 Mayıs 2018 | Press Release

1st International Organ Donation Cartoon Contest

1st International Organ Donation Cartoon Contest organized to draw attention and raise awareness for organ donation has been completed and winners have been selected.

Jury President Mikhail Zlatkovsky, jury members Metin Peker, Alessandro Gatto, Angel Boligan Corbo, Eray Özbek, Gürbüz D. Eksioglu, Jitet Koestana, Metin Ustundag, Deniz Zeyrek, Ba Bilig and Valentin Druzhinin evaluated 950 cartoons from 40 countries. Grzegorz Szumowsky from Poland was selected for 1st honour fee, Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz from Poland was selected for 2nd honour fee and Andrei Popov from Russia was selected for 3rd honour fee. Kursat Zaman from Turkey, Satilmis Akin from Turkey, Mojmir Mihatov from Crotia, Silvano Mello from Brazil and Musa Gumus from Turkey were selected for encouragement awards.


1st cartoon will be awarded 5.000 Dolars, 2nd cartoon will be awarded 3.000 Dolars, 3rd cartoon will be awarded 2.000 Dolars and encouragement awards will be 1.000 Dolars for 5 winners. The awards will be distributed in the 1st International Transplant Network Congress on 17-21th October in Antalya and will be exhibited in Sungate Rixos Hotel Antalya during the congress.

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